Geologic Subjectivities
performance, 2019
Design and Concept: Lodovica Guarnieri
Text: Lodovica Guarnieri and Carol Iglesias
Performance: Catarina Vieira
Music: Marco Tomesani
Portuguese Translation: Tiago Patatas

Commissioned by the Lisbon Architecture Triennal The Poetics of Reason 3.10-3.12.2019, as part of the Triennale’s programme of activities. Realised at the Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporanea do Chiado, 25/26.10.2019

Geologic Subjectivities is an interactive performance, based on a multi-character narration of Portuguese and EU’s genome mining in the Atlantic Ocean. The script follows the journey of the Pyrolobus Fumarii, a deep sea bacteria currently tested for the development of new cosmetics, in parallel to the history of specific architecture sites in Lisbon. Touching on austerity policies, deep-sea investment, Portuguese ‘offshore’ territories, and colonial, still powerful, themes of “discovery and exploration” the performance looks at the arch connecting past and present extraction from the ocean, the city and the body. Following the story through the libretto the public takes part to the drama by embodying specific characters and events.

    Read the Libretto︎here
    “In the past the emerging peaks of the Mid Atlantic Ridge, like the Azores archipelago, were occupied by seafaring nations and transformed into station points for the global movement of wealth. Now genetic formations endow the territory with a new occupation that builds on the genes of organisms like me.” 

    Photo credits: Hugo David/Trienal de Lisboa