Amphibious Geologies
video and photographic installation, 2020-ongoing
Part of distance-difference-duration, the online exhibition curated and designed by MA candidates at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London. Launched on December 2020

Acknowledgments: Mario Cherido (LARES Restauri); Dr. Sandra Donnici (CNR-IGG); Dr. Lidia Fersuoch; Dr. Irene Guarneri (CNR-ISMAR); Dr. Giacomo di Montereale Gavazzi (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), Dr. Giles Miller (Natural History Museum, London)

Film stills. Amphibious Geologies, 15min. 2020

Fieldnotes, 2020. extract
Lagoons are amphibious chemical, biological and geological ecosystems. Neither solely terrestrial, nor aquatic, they connect inhabitants and environments in a flux of accumulation and dissolution of different durations – from seconds to deep-time. Yet, in Venice this dynamic is tamed by heritage regulations whereby the city and the Lagoon’s survival depend on the preservation of land as separate to water. Amphibious Geologies aims to rethink heritage by staging a conversation between scientists and restorers around pollution in Venice and its connection to marbles dissolution and biochemical disruption in marine shelled organisms. As archives of water-rock-body relations, marbles and marine creatures constitute an interspecies kinship that transgresses environments and collapses temporalities. Their mutual relations urge us to imagine the political possibilities of wet-togetherness.
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