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Amphibious Geologies
video and photographic installation, 2020-ongoing
Part of distance-difference-duration, the online exhibition curated and designed by MA candidates at the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London. Launched on December 2020

Acknowledgments: Mario Cherido (LARES Restauri); Dr. Sandra Donnici (CNR-IGG); Dr. Lidia Fersuoch; Dr. Irene Guarneri (CNR-ISMAR); Dr. Giacomo di Montereale Gavazzi (Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences), Dr. Giles Miller (Natural History Museum, London)

Film still, Amphibious Geologies, 15min. 2020

Fieldnotes, 2020. extract
‘Amphibious Geologies’is a collective counter mapping project that reimagines water crises in the Venice Lagoon through wet togetherness. It consists of a series of videos and performative actions where marine scientists, stone restorers and activists are brought in conversation to de-historicize the materiality of architectural heritage and reinstall it as an agency of multiple temporal poetics. If wetness is that which recomposes matter at all scales and temporalities, how can we understand its capacity to also reorganise politics? Conversations explore terraqueous interdependencies between cruiseships pollution, evictions, marble artefacts dissolution, and biochemical disruption in marine shelled organisms. Calling for the formation of an amphibious constituency, ‘Amphibious Geologies’ thinks with and through the terraqueous space and materiality of Venice to exercise preservation as multispecies worldmaking and justice.
Visit distancedifferenceduration to see the whole project.